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    About us

    The goals and objectives of the ZYCH company are as follows:

    Implementation and supply of plastic products for many branches of industry in the process of product design,
    manufacturing the mold prototype, and serial production of the finally developed product.

    Following the maxim ,,From project to the end product”
    our objectives are met in the process of team work and continuous development of the employees competence,
    so finally our customer is guaranteed to obtain services at the highest possible level.


    ZYCH company is a family enterprise with long traditions.
    The beginning of the company’s activity dates back to sixties of the last century and the company’s founder was Karol Zych.

    Nowadays, the company is run by the second generation of the Zych Family.  Based on the experience and knowledge of the company’s  founder they brought new ideas and approach to business acting with youthful  energy and implementing modern ways of the company management.

    The young entrepreneurs took a great risk investing considerable financial means in the latest machines and technologies, and fortunately the risk paid off.

    Nowadays, Zych Spółka Jawna is a modern and properly managed company acting accordingly with the needs and  preferences of the most demanding  customers at home and abroad.

    At all levels of the company’s structure the employees are aware of the priorities which lie ahead of them and to achieve the objectives they involve all possessed intellectual potential and vocational experience.

    In result, a consistent economic entity has been created with familiar atmosphere in which the employees’ work satisfaction is the highest value observed by the company’s owners.



    Quality Management

    The quality and consistency of the products is achieved through applied and supervised system procedures and their continuous improvement and any system alterations are subject to the change in manufacturing techniques and introduction of new technologies.


    In order to meet the above mentioned assumptions the company acquired modern  measuring machines and equipment, e.g:

    • 3D Discovery Machine
    • Column Measuring Device Mitutoyo 2,5
    • other measuring devices

    To meet new technology challenges we are investing in new machines and equipment and we do care about the quality of raw materials, components and services rendered from outside.


    We cooperate exclusively with the approved and reliable suppliers and partners who work on the basis of the possessed ISO certificate or any other certificate of quality management.

    Process of control

    Measurement control to verify the quality assumptions is made with the use of measuring devices supplied by the top world manufactures, such as  MITUTOYO (Height Gauge measuring device).

    ISO Certifikate



    Firma ZYCH is a partner in the European ,, EDM” Project under name “Automated knowledge based on EDM technology for integrated tool making and high precision components” – automated and knowledge based technology of designing electrical discharge machining for integrated tool making and high precision components.

    The above mentioned project has been implemented  under the sixth framework programme of the European Community  with support of the TNO Industrial Technology, the Dutch company acting as a coordinator.

    In the project participate research institutions, industry associations, and small and medium-sized enterprises from Holland, Belgium, Great Britain, Germany, Spain and Poland.

    Within the course of the project a knowledge based software system is being developed for automatic selection of the most appropriate method of machining between speedy HDM processing and electrical discharge machining EDM.

    Duration of the Project: from 1 October 2006  to 30 September 2009  – 3 years


    1. 50% time reduction in design and manufacturing of electrodes
    2. Increase in accuracy to estimate the time of ED machining
    3. Reduction of time to manufacture injection molds through optimal selection of the processing method: HSM / EDM
    4. Integration of the manufacturing processes: product design – mold manufacturing – the process of injection


    UE Projects

    Within the 1st Round of the Sectoral Operational  Programme- Measure 2.3, our company completed the following project:

    „Modernization of the ZYCH company through acquisition of modern machines and ITC technologies”.

    Within the scope of the project the following machines and systems were acquired and installed in the company:

    • 3R Reference System
    • Permanent Magnetic Sine Table NEOSPARK 400×200
    • SPG 300×800 Grinding Machine
    • Software ERP 4CORP – SOFTMARK

    Our Charmilles Roboform 550 electro-erosion machine applies solutions at the internationally highest possible  level  of technological innovation confirmed by the Production Engineering Department of the Warsaw Institute of Technology.    We also acquired a new SPG 300×800 grinding machine from a renowned manufacturer „FAS GLOWNO”, the company with its seat in Głowno.

    The above mentioned machines and equipment guarantee that the company is capable to provide services at the highest European level.

    Date of the project completion: 9 May 2005

    Within the 2nd Round of the Sectoral Operational Programme- Measure 2.3, our company completed the following project:

    „ Increase of the company’s competitive position through acquiring the latest generation of injection molding machines”.

    Within the scope of the project the following machines and systems were acquired and installed in the company:

    ALLROUNDER 470C 1500-675 Injection Moulding Machines

    ALLROUNDER 320 k 700-250 Injection Moulding Machines


    The above mentioned machines are equipped with modern 32-bit control units and easy-to-navigate graphical interface for programming the cycle of production and its parameters. They also allow manufacturing the molds much faster and of larger dimensions, with increased precision and level of complexity.

    Date of machine Installation: May 2005

    THE PHARE PROGRAM 2003 – 2003/004-379/05.02/01-02

    Project’s name: „Development of the Company Based on New Technologies.”

    The project provided for acquiring and installation of the following equipment:  : 3D Measuring Devise, Granulate Dryer, Molding Machine Granulate Conveyor, Injection Mold Heat Stabilizer.


    Completion of the project allowed implementation of new technologies to control production process and implementation of new solutions with automated supply of granulate to the molding machine. Other objectives were also achieved, such as increase  of the company’s competitiveness on the market in the EU and rendering the services at high technical level following the all-inclusive customer service under name ,,From project to the end product” .

    Date of the project completion: 31 May 2006


    Improvement of the Competitiveness of Enterprises, in the years 2004-2006

    Project’s name: „Participation in Fairs as an exhibitor”- EUROPLAST – MIDEST, Paris, France, 15-18 November 2005”

    Completion of investments projects produced the following positive results:  strengthening of contacts with the existing clients, making new business contacts with the potential buyers of goods and services,  stabilization of the company’s image abroad, exchange of information with business partners and other exhibitors, improving export capacities on the market in Europe.


    Improvement of the Competitiveness of Enterprises, in the years 2004-2006

    Project’s name: „ Improving the technological potential through acquisition of the numerically-controlled machines of new generation: mold injection machines and milling machines.”

    Objective of the Project:

    • acquiring 2 pcs. of new machines manufactured according to the latest and advanced technology at the top world level
    • improving the company’s competitive position on the markets in the EU
    • acquiring the new and strategic customers
    • increase in sales and export volume


    Date of the project completion: 31 December 2007


    ZYCH Spółka Jawna has implemented the following project
    „ Implementation of the B2B system for automation of business processes with the company’s Partners”,

    under the Operational Programme- Innovative Economy 2007-2013,
    Priority 8: Information society – increasing innovation economy,
    Measure 8.2:  Support for implementation of electronic business-  B2B

    The primary objective of the project is creation of the B2B platform for automation of business processes between  ZYCH Spółka Jawna and its Partners.   Since the B2B platform is created close cooperation between the companies shall be possible through an internet browser. Within the scope of the project new electronic technologies shall be applied to facilitate data exchange and to eliminate exchange of documents in paper form.   The objective of the project is automation of the B2B processes based on the three-layer  architecture, i.e., with the use of web platform and so-called Thin Client environment. Information technology solutions within the project incorporate construction of an automated B2B data exchange platform operating on the basis of the electronic document workflow and automation of business processes  identified at the stage when the assumptions are being prepared before B2B system implementation.

    The scope of the company’s operation is as follows: internationally (The United Kingdom);  the target markets: Poland and Foreign Countries – based on Co-financing Agreement No. UDA-POIG.08.02.00-14-030/14-00.

    The European Funds are meant to support the development of innovative economy.

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