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    We change
    design into product

    From design to product

    1. Introductory data

    Customer’s expectations concerning the product.

    2. 3D Projecting

    Pro-e programme builds the 3D project. There is a possibility of verification and virtual adjustment of the plastic product.

    3. Rapid Prototyping

    After the acceptance of virtual product the prototype of abs moulding is made. It is produced in FDM technology. This is the decisive moment in the whole production process, when the veryfication of introductory assumptions takes place.

    4. Mould projecting

    After the acceptance of the moulding model and settlement of basic parameters of mould injection the process of mould construction begins.

    5. Mould production

    KThe production of particular components of mould injection, it’s assembling and tests on moulding are the succesive Stages of the process. The production of moulds is based on materials and raw materials supplied by such suppliers as: FCPK Bytów, Hasco, PSG and Böhler. Also our machine park is purchased from such machine producers of worldwide renown as Mikron, Charmilles and Mitsubishi.

    6. The production of plastic products

    The production of the moulding using the injection method is the final and strategic stage of the process. It is based on injection machines like Arburg, Battenfeld and on attested materials purchased from international producers.

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    Implementation and supply of plastic products for many branches of industry


    ZYCH company is a family enterprise
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    From the product design to the serial production of the finally developed product.